Discover Why Our Customers Choose Finishline Fencing

“We just want to thank you for such a nice product. We put up our fence and it looks great. It was easy and fast but most of all I know my horses are safe. I had enough left over to make a round pen which is great. Thank you again. We did seven strands by accident too many bosses not enough workers but it worked out nice and my gelding looked at said ‘crap I can't get out’. Thanks again , also the ladies are great to work with. I have already been sharing the details of this product.”

Chris Bustle

“So thankful we chose to use Finishline fencing at our place. We had a mare get caught in the fence last week. With the fence wrapped around her leg twice! How she managed to do that, is unknown, but If it had been wire we would have had to put her down. Luckily we went with Finishline and are only dealing with some roughed up hair and minimal swelling. So thankful!”

 - Rocking LT Show Horses

“We went the property we used to own in Park City, Utah a few months ago. We redid pastures for our horses, this was the first time we tried Fence-line fencing. The pastures looked as good as the day we built them. That was at least 13 years ago. It is holding up to the test of time.”

Ray Hadsall, Arizona

“Last summer we built pastures for our horses at my therapeutic horseback riding facility located in North Scottsdale. I can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with my decision to install Bayco Finish-Line fencing. I have had horses my entire life and have tried other fencing materials in the past, nothing compares to the safety and clean look of this product. One year from installation the fencing is as beautiful as it was the day we completed the project! Not only do I love its clean look, I am thankful that it is virtually maintenance free!"

"Another fantastic and important feature not to be overlooked is the safety and freedom provided to the students and volunteers participating in my program. The horses are accessible to everyone for a friendly pet or scratch behind the ears. Whether you’re a wheelchair user, depending upon a walker, cane or crutches for mobility, or standing independently on your own two feet, the Camelot therapy horses are at your fingertips. Fence-line fencing allows students to get close and personal without risk of injury other fencing materials can inadvertently cause.”

Mary Hadsall, Arizona


“Having moved from the city to the upper country of Idaho this last fall, all my neighbors laughed when they saw me installing what they thought was cloths line for fence. After one of the worst winters in the last ten years the snow covered all but the top line at 54 inches. Smiles got bigger as the Finish-Line stretched to the ground with the snow load. As soon as the thaw came all the laughing was over as the Finish-Line popped right back into position at the same tension as when it was installed. All my neighbors are spending countless hours repairing their stretched and broken barbed wire. I on the other hand walked down to the pasture, twanged my fence to check tension and as a big smile came to my face, laughed the last laugh.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very happy we are with our fence. It looks nice and we want to thank you for all the help you gave us over the phone before we actually installed it.”

Cathy, Maryland

“A tree fell on my fence. Any other fence it would have broke it. Thanks for the great fence!!”



“ We have started our rescue and have our first permanent resident, Mr. Banks. He was surrendered from a YMCA riding camp. I have attached a picture of the first pasture we fenced using Finish Line. So far so good! Our neighbors horse is also being boarded with us and we have not had any issues with containment. After the install we realized we actually put the line on the outside of the post rather than the inside but none the less it is working with no issues.”

Scott Shehan, Lusco Farms


5 stars all the way! My first experience with Finishline Fencing started with my communication with Lisa. We were about to move into a new house with no horse pastures. I’m in business for myself and it’s hard to impress me in the way of customer service. Lisa and the team rocked my socks right off! From the first email to a late call on a Friday to make sure I was all set they really know how to love on their customers. We finished installing the fence today and it looks AMAZING and it was EASY to install! Thanks to Finishline and we will recommend you highly to anyone needing fencing!!!

Jamie, Michigan

I installed Finish Line fencing about 10 years ago. It’s the best fencing that I have ever experienced. I had an 80 foot pine tree fall right on my fence line and I thought it was done. Once the tree was cut up, the fence went right into place and with a few adjustments it was back to the way it was. Really love this fencing.

Joanne, California

We installed Finishline fencing last fall and couldn’t be happier with our decision! Installation was a breeze and maintenance has been nonexistent, even after a Minnesota winter. And the customer service has been stellar (thanks Kim!). We are definitely going to continue our fencing projects using Finishline.

Tammi Jo, Minnesota

We installed our Finishline Fence this weekend and it was much easier than I anticipated and it looks great! We used it to replace an old fence and this looks so much better, shouldn't need the maintenance of other fences and I like that it doesn't have any wire in it so it's a safe option too. We had never installed a fence before and were able to do this with the help of a few friends, just a few more finishing touches to go. So glad we chose Finishline!

Sara, Connecticut

AMAZING! There is no other word to describe Finishline fence. Me and my wife, Sandy, were able to install this fence as first-time fence installers. The fence cable went up just like it was described and we needed no special tools to get it tensioned - just a tape measure and permanent marker. Lisa provided some of the best customer advice and support that I have experienced and that only made our Finishline experience better. Some people thought I was crazy putting up a "plastic" fence but, after seeing the fence performance as our Quarter horse tested it regularly, they are now interested in it for their horses. Not only does it perform well and offer safety as no other fencing material can, it looks fantastic! We chose the white line and ran it through drilled holes in natural cedar posts. "Rustic with class" is the final look. We plan to use some of the extra lengths we wound up with to put up a matching 3 feet high decorative fence along a landscaped area in the front of the house. If you're trying to decide if this fence material is for you - go for it. You won't regret it.

Clint, Arkansas

My husband and I put up our Finish Line fencing on our horse pastures at our farm Rosie Creek Farm in Panama City, FL and we love it. It is so simple to put up and extremely safe. We got the black line and we were worried they may not be able to see it. Our horses have no problems seeing it! I researched for over a year before finally deciding on Finish Line. It is a great buy and to me the best product around for horse fencing!

Wendy, Florida

I've had Bayco Finish Line for almost 15 years now. The best fence ever! Safe for my horse, reasonably priced, easy to install, easy to maintain, and looks great. Bayco fence is cheaper and less upkeep than board fences, looks better and lasts longer than square horse wire and is much safer than high tensile wire. Saw a HT wire break when a horse kicked it, the wire completely coiled up within seconds; luckily the horse’s leg wasn't in it!


Great SAFE fencing for horses! I used 4 strands so I added a strand of electric wire between the 3rd and 4th wire (from bottom). Tensioners and splicers are used. I've had mine 4 years. Used wooden corner posts with braces and t posts. Be sure to set wood posts in concrete. Finishline is cost effective too. I highly recommend it! I've known of a horse whose leg was cut off running through electric tape heard of serious injuries.

Shari, Indiana

We installed Finishline over 3 years ago. It was the best fencing decision we've ever made. Planning on fencing more of our property with it soon.

Sherry, Ohio

Installed 26 years ago, still strong, still safe, and still flexible. Still looks great. Still virtually no maintenance (unless 6 trees fall on it, that costs me $4 to splice the snapped strand).

Karen, Massachusetts

I LOVE my finish Line Fence. Looks great! Easy installation and virtually maintenance free. Customer service is pretty great too!

Linda, Michigan

The BEST horse fencing available today. We've had our Finishline fencing up for about two years and have been very happy with it.

Laura, Georgia