Electrifying Your Fence

When containing animals, we recommend using at least one strand of electric when installing your fence line. Only a livestock owner can determine what is best for his/her animals with regards to how much electric current is needed for safe containment. Finishline or Finishline XL cannot carry an electrical charge itself, but can be electrified in several ways. We have listed below some common installation techniques.

  • 1- Attach a strand of electric on the inside portion of your posts using an insulator. The 4 or 6mm ropes in our online store are good options.
  • 2- Reduce your Finishline/Finishline XL fence line by one and install an electric line in its place. The 4 or 6mm ropes in our online store are good options.
  • 3- Wrap an electric line around one of your Finishline/Finishline XL strands. Using this technique will reduce the amount of labor necessary to upkeep electric. Because Finishline/Finishline XL rarely loses tension, you can support your electric line by wrapping it around one of your strands. This will eliminate the need for you to re-tension your electric strands. A 16-gauge aluminum wire or 4mm rope can be easily wrapped several times around a Finishline strand between posts. These are both available in our online store.

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*Please note - The inclusion of electric is recommended as the best way to reduce animal contact with the fence. If you choose not to use electric, please do so with caution.


Finishline/Finishline XL can be used with any type of post system. The most common types are wood posts, t-posts, vinyl, T-Post Safety Sleeves and Timeless T-Posts. All choices work equally as well. See installation guide for how to attach to the post of your choice.

T-Post Safety Sleeves

T-Post Safety Sleeves safely convert standard metal T-posts into an attractive and safer fence post that requires no insulators. These sleeves completely cover the metal T-post and have pre-cut notches every 1.5 inches to accommodate Finishline, Finishline XL, electric, and coated wire.

Made out of high-density polyethylene, these metal fence post sleeves are impact-resistant and very durable to provide years of maintenance free service. Sleeves are 54 inches tall and come with caps. Made in the USA. T-Sleeve Clips are required to secure line to fence and are sold separately. 

Available in White or Black

*T-Post Safety Sleeves must be purchased in bundles of 25

T-Post Safety Sleeve Pricing

$300/Bundle of 25 Sleeves
$25/Bundle of 50 Sleeve Clips

Available in White or Black
Please call for shipping quote and to order

Timeless T-Posts

Timeless T-posts are made from recycled PVC and is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel t-posts and wood posts. Posts come with a 20 year guarantee on white UV coating and are pre-drilled every three inches to eliminate the need for expensive insulators. Timeless Posts work with all Finishline products and accommodate any type of electric.

Available in White, Black, or Brown

*Timeless T-Posts must be purchased in bundles of 5

Timeless T-Post Pricing

Size   -   Price
   6' X 1.75"  -   $10.50/each
6.5' X 1.75"  -   $11.25/each
  7' X 1.75"   -   $13.00/each
7.5' X 1.75"  -   $13.75/each
   8' X 1.75"  -   $15.25/each

Additional Sizes available
Please call for shipping quote and to order

We can quote you on T-Post Safety Sleeves, Timeless T-Posts, or American Timber Southern Yellow Pine Saplings. Wide variety of sizes and lengths available.

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