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In these difficult times it is important to trust your ability to safely contain your animals and have access to all the materials to do so. Please call us at 877-625-6100 with any questions. Orders can be placed online or over the phone. 

We care about our customers and hope you are staying safe and healthy! 

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Finishline Fencing and Finishline XL are your answer to an affordable, easy to install, maintenance free fencing for your Horses and Land. Both Finishline and Finishline XL will deliver proven decades of performance all while increasing the value of your property. Visible, beautiful, and strong, Finishline and Finishline XL will not disappoint. Don’t settle for cheap imitations; purchase the best! You will be glad you did!


Finishline products are wire free and will rarely need re-tensioned. We recommend a separate strand of electric with all Finishline installations when containing animals.

Finishline Fencing

The highest rated horse fencing in its class. Designed to provide safe containment for your horses while delivering peace of mind and zero maintenance.

Finishline XL

Finishline XL with its larger diameter, increases visibility, strength, and value to your property. A perfect choice to easily fence your land without having to worry about maintenance. Delivers the same high quality you’ve grown to expect with the Finishline name.